Do you have the sales processes your team needs to succeed? Effective sales teams don't happen by accident. Whether you have a couple of sales people or an entire sales department, you need the right systems in place if you want a high-performing sales team. 

In this free PDF, you will learn the five must-have sales processes if you want to streamline and scale sales.

5 Processes You Need to Build a High-Performing Sales Team


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I help sales teams & entrepreneurs convert more prospects into paying clients. 

Ready to hit your sales numbers consistently?

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    Which means it’s more important than ever that you—& your team—have the tools to succeed … starting with a sales process that consistently converts. 

    I’m the only B2B sales trainer & consultant that helps sales teams and entrepreneurs consistently close more sales and hit their revenue goals by combining a customized sales process with modern consultative sales training.

    need i say more?

    selling virtually, supply chain shortages, inflation –

    The world of sales has changed dramatically since 2020-

    Winging it won’t work. 

    The world of sales has changed dramatically since 2020-

    Sales can be one of the most fulfilling and financially rewarding careers.

    But unfortunately, most salespeople fail because they don't have the sales strategies, tools, and mindset they need to succeed. 

    In What Top-Performing Salespeople Do Different, business-to-business sales expert L'areal Lipkins shines the light on ten things top-performing salespeople do to execute at a high level consistently. 

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    I’ll help you build a data-driven strategy and plan-of-attack that’s based on metrics—because personality, experience, & desire don’t scale. Strategy does. 


    A repeatable process gives your sales team a common language and makes it easier to pinpoint where they’re getting stuck and need additional support. 


    When your salespeople have the right processes and skills, they’ll be able to close sales opportunities faster and easier. 


    you’ll have more:

    When we work together,

    You can look at the sales numbers and tell something isn’t quite working, but you're not sure what. We will uncover the blindspots by evaluating your salespeople, sales processes, and strategies. 

    STEP three

    Step 1: Audit

    STEP two

    STEP One

    Once we identify what’s keeping your sales team from achieving the results you desire, we will build a plan to address the gaps. That plan may consist of overhauling your sales process, training your salespeople, coaching your sales leaders, or “D” all the above. 

    STEP three

    Step 2: Build

    STEP One

    STEP two

     We’ll execute the plan and provide the support you need to get your team hitting their numbers consistently. 

    Step 3: Cash In

    STEP One

    STEP two

    STEP three


    grow your sales:

    Here’s How We’ll Streamline and

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    Once you get the right sales processes in place, your sales cycle will get shorter, your salespeople will be more confident because they have a proven framework, and you can spend more time being the CEO instead of a sales manager. 

    But here’s the good news:

    every struggle is the sign of a missing or broken system. 

    It doesn’t matter whether your salespeople have a hard time getting in front of new prospects, spend too much time chasing deals that never close, or rely on discounts to get the deal done –

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    it's your turn.

    thats why i do what i do.

    That’s why you need someone that can look at your sales process objectively, identify the gaps, and fix them. 

    Dozens of CEOs, Presidents, and business owners have trusted me to map out an effective, custom sales process that helps them increase sales. 

    And now?

    Trying to figure out how to fix your sales process alone can be overwhelming. 

    Sounds good, but not sure where to start? 

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    We can design and deliver tailored sales training that ensures your salespeople have the skills and strategies to sell in the new selling environment.

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    Sales Team


    We can audit your current sales process and optimize it to increase consistency and conversions. Don't have a documented process? Then, we'll build it from scratch.

    Optimize Your Sales Process


    Not sure if you have the right people in the right roles? We can assess your sales team and processes to pinpoint where the gaps are and how to fix them.

    Evaluate Your Sales Team


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    "L'areal put together a course that was very customized to us... and She completely changed my perspective on sales. Why didn't we do this sooner?"


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