Discovery calls are the quickest way to convert potential clients when you have a high-value offer. But…it takes more than hopping on a call, crossing your fingers, and hoping it all works out if you want to convert consistently. 

In this playbook, you'll learn five common mistakes you can fix to close more of your ideal clients in one call without being pushy.

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It’s time to master discovery calls and close more sales. 

        fellow female entrepreneur,


    I know, I know. You didn’t start your business to become a salesperson. You started your business because you love what you do, and you’re darn good at it. But if you want to do what you love, you need clients, and to get clients, you have to get comfortable selling – there’s no way around it. 

    here’s the good news. 

    If you want to build a sustainable business, you have to learn how to sell.


    Sales is a skill, which means you can learn how to sell; even if selling doesn’t come naturally, you’re an introvert (like me), or you break out in a full panic attack every time you have to do a sales call.

    When you have a sales framework, you don’t have to worry about trying to convince people that you’re an expert, justifying your price, or feeling awkward when it’s time to close at the end of the call.

    You just need a framework. 

    The world of sales has changed dramatically since 2020-


    book A DISCOVERY call


    Know the right questions to uncover your prospect’s pain, goals, and desires.

    Have a consistent process to follow so you aren’t winging it.

    With the right framework, you can be 100% confident on discovery calls because you:

    "L'areal connects with your company and becomes invested in your success... This was definitely money well spent!"

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    Because it doesn’t sit well with me that 86% of women-owned businesses never cross the $100,000 mark. And it’s not because they lack the experience, expertise, or effort – It’s because they struggle with sales. 
    And I want to change that. 
    Learning how to sell not only changed the course of my career, it changed my life. It gave me the skills to provide for my family, build a successful business from scratch, and work with clients I love. 
    And learning how to sell can do the same thing for you.

    And I love processes. 
    So I pivoted from marketing to sales and became one of the top female certified sales trainers for the largest sales training company in the world. 
    When I started my own sales consulting agency in 2018, I knew that in addition to working with sales teams, I wanted to teach other female entrepreneurs how to sell with confidence and integrity. 

    You probably already know that I’ve been doing sales training and consulting since 2009, but there’s a big secret you don’t know – I never wanted to do sales. 
    Honestly, I thought selling was scary, manipulative, and sleazy.  
    The only problem was that my first job out of college was a part-time marketing role at a sales training company. After a few weeks of hiding in my office pulling Google Analytics reports, I decided to sit in the weekly classes so I could really learn what we did. 
    That’s when I discovered that being good at sales wasn’t about being pushy, aggressive, or extroverted – there’s an actual process to selling.


     I’m L’areal! 

    Book Your Sales Call Audit

    This service is for you if: 

    • You’re not converting as many prospects as you want (and need), but you’re not sure what you need to change.
    • You’re having great conversations with prospects who say they’re interested in working with you, but they don’t buy. 
    • You keep getting the same objections over and over, but you don’t know how to eliminate them upfront. 
    • Your discovery calls turn into unpaid consulting or strategy calls.

    Want tailored feedback on an actual sales call?

    A Sales Call Audit is when I listen to a recording of one of your sales calls so I can hear exactly what’s happening. I then put together a report that outlines what you did well and what you can do differently to be more effective on your discovery calls. Once your report is complete, we’ll hop on a Zoom call and review it together so you can ask questions in real time!

    Sales Call Audits are extremely powerful (and profitable) because you get specific feedback unique to you, your business, and your personality.


    Sales Call Audit


    Here’s how I can help you have more

    Start Closing More Sales Now

    This service is for you if: 

    • You are a coach, consultant, or high-ticket service provider who wants to hear “How do we get started” at the end of your discovery calls vs. “I need to think about it.”
    • You have a steady flow of discovery calls, or you’re planning a launch and need to dial in your sales process ASAP. 
    • You want a no-fluff approach to learning how to sell – without being pushy or using sleazy sales tactics.
    • You are disciplined enough to implement what you learn on your own; you just need to know what to do. 

    The Master Discovery Calls Course is the ultimate self-paced program for female entrepreneurs who want to increase sales, like yesterday. 

    In this program, you can access the same proven curriculum used in the Accelerator but you can join anytime. 


    Master Discovery Calls Course


    Join the Waitlist

    The Accelerator only opens three times a year. Join the waitlist so you know the next time the doors open. 

    This program is perfect for you if: 

    • You’re tired of investing time on discovery calls and not seeing the payoff.
    • You have big sales goals for the year, and you know winging it won’t cut it.
    • You want a framework that gives you the structure to guide the conversation and the flexibility to be yourself. 
    • You want a place to practice what you learn so you can be confident when you do it in front of potential clients.
    • You don’t want another course that you never complete. You want accountability, support, and feedback to implement your learning.

    The Master Discovery Calls Accelerator is an eight-week group coaching experience that teaches you how to sell confidently, close premium clients, and consistently make more money. 

    To help you achieve results quickly, the Accelerator combines self-paced training, group coaching, and live practice sessions where you get real-time feedback. 

    Master Discovery Calls Accelerator



    This experience is for you if: 

    • You have a launch coming up, and you’re using discovery calls to fill your program. 
    • You have a steady flow of discovery calls, and you know every call you have without having a process means you’re leaving money on the table. 
    • You want to hit the ground running with a tailored-made sales strategy that will help you achieve your business goals.

    Can’t wait eight weeks? How does a day sound?

    A VIP Day is a hands-on experience where we map out your entire sales strategy in just five hours. During our time together, we’ll work on clarifying your ideal client, crafting your elevator pitch, honing your pre-qualification process, ensuring you have a signature framework that sells, and optimizing your discovery call flow for conversions. 

    VIP Day 


    You can keep spinning your wheels telling yourself that you’re not good at sales and that you need to keep pouring money (and time into marketing). 

    You can fast-track your way to the bank by working with a sales expert that’s been helping entrepreneurs and business owners close more sales for over a decade!


    You have two options. 

    “The Convert Accelerator is so valuable!
     Starting in sales can be scary. The skills I learned through this program helped me build my confidence, create a sales process, and close more clients with fewer meetings. L’areal is amazing and everyone in sales should complete this program!”

    Williams Benefit Consulting

    Megan Crawford

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