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Your Sales Team Can Consistently Hit Their Numbers

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While your team may need training, the reality is that high-performing sales teams are built on high-performing processes            

Salespeople spend more time discounting, instead of selling value, and they can’t afford to keep giving away margin. 

Deals are getting stuck in the process making it difficult to forecast. 

Their sales people aren’t hitting their numbers consistently. 

When I talk to CEOs and Sales Leaders they’re often frustrated because...

The world of sales has changed dramatically since 2020-

After dissecting each of these components, I will put together a Sales Infrastructure Report that details the findings and recommendations. Finally, we’ll review the report together so I can answer your questions in real time. 

The Sales Infrastructure Audit is ideal when you know something isn’t working, but you’re unsure if it’s your people, processes, training, or management. The Sales Infrastructure tells you why you’re not seeing the desired results and exactly what you need to change to improve your sales engine immediately.

Sales Infrastructure Audit
Timeline: One-Week 



Here’s how I can help your sales team meet and exceed their numbers:


This service is ideal if you need help building a sales process from scratch or if you have a documented sales process, but it’s taking deals too long to close, and your sales team isn’t hitting their numbers consistently. 

  • Shorten your sales cycle 
  • Increase your close ratio
  • Improve pipeline accuracy
  • Ramp up new hires faster
  • Scale your sales team easier 

Your sales process is the foundation for your sales team’s success because it gives them a common language and a clear roadmap when working on sales opportunities. Coaching and developing your team is also easier with a standardized sales process because you can quickly pinpoint where they’re getting stuck. 

However, not all sales processes are created equal. 

We optimize your sales process for conversions by aligning your sales strategy, stages, steps, and scripts so your sales team can consistently convert prospects to paying clients. 

Optimize Your Sales Process
Timeline: One-Week 



We deliver high-impact training and coaching that helps your team be more effective.


We create a customized training plan that aligns with your organization’s goals.


We meet with your team to understand your company’s specific goals, challenges, and needs.


Get this – 55% of salespeople don’t have the skills they need to be successful in their role.*

I wouldn’t be surprised if that number isn’t even higher now because salespeople need different skills to be effective in the new selling environment. Gone are the days of just smiling and dialing – your salespeople must know how to create interest, connection, value, mutual wins, and urgency if they want to win the deal. 

That’s why we take a three-step approach to designing and delivering sales training programs that provide sustainable results.

Sales Training 
Timeline: Customized 


"L'areal is a true professional. She knows sales and how to close. She helped me iron out the issues I had with my sales process and increase my close rate. She's a great sounding board and I highly recommend her services."

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