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It's often been said that sales is a numbers game, but after training over 10,000 sales people and helping dozens of companies build high-performing sales teams, I can tell you that sales is more than a numbers game. 

High-performing sales teams aren't just getting in front of more people.

They have high-performing processes.

So if you want your salespeople to consistently achieve their sales numbers, you need to have the right sales processes in place.

sales is more than a numbers game. 

The world of sales has changed dramatically since 2020-

After a decade with the largest sales training company in the world, I noticed something…

Sales success is not random.

There are specific behaviors, skills, mindsets, and processes that help salespeople succeed. This proven formula is what I teach my clients so they can build high-performing sales teams.

Over the years I’ve spoken for some of the most respected CEO and sales Organizations like Vistage, Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO), and the National Sales Network.

And while I’ve had the pleasure of working with companies like Indeed, Oracle, and Aflac – I spend most of my time working side-by-side (or on Zoom) with CEOs and Presidents of small-to-midsize companies just like you…making sure their salespeople have the processes and skills to succeed in any economy!  


 I’m L’areal Lipkins!

You can look at the sales numbers and tell something isn’t quite working, but you're not sure what. We will uncover the blindspots by evaluating your salespeople, sales processes, and strategies. 

STEP three

Step 1: Audit

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Once we identify what’s keeping your sales team from achieving the results you desire, we will build a plan to address the gaps. That plan may consist of overhauling your sales process, training your salespeople, coaching your sales leaders, or “D” all the above. 

STEP three

Step 2: Build


STEP two

 We’ll execute the plan and provide the support you need to get your team hitting their numbers consistently. 

Step 3: Cash In


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STEP three


grow your sales:

Here’s How We’ll Streamline and

Before working with L’areal our salespeople had different meanings about what was supposed to happen at each stage of our sales process; which made it difficult to manage. L’areal helped us create a linear, repeatable process that got everyone on the same page, improved our forecasting, increased our close ratio, and added over $400k to the bottom line in the first year.

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What Top-Performing Salespeople Do Different, of course! 

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Asking questions that make my clients stop and think. 

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When I’m not speaking on stage, training sales teams, or listening to sales calls, you can find me hanging out with my husband and two boys in Houston. 



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